I have been into the paranormal since I was a kid. I have enjoyed all kinds of topics such as the Loch Ness Monster and UFOs. However one of my favorites of all time has got to be the big guy “bigfoot”. Bigfoot is always been one of those hot topics which people completely do not believe in or are completely devoted to finding it. Not only is the topic hot blooded but so are the different character types within the Sasquatch community. The community has it all, from true believers to the individual's who are in it to make a fast buck. There are even a number of infamous individuals who are complete hoaxers and proud of it. The topic of Bigfoot is hot at the moment and everyone seems to have his or her thoughts on the subject. This blog is my take on recent Bigfoot sightings reports and alleged evidence found. Whether Bigfoot/Sasquatch is real or not really doesn’t make a difference, it’s still quite a story to ponder. From the indigenous Indians to modern times Bigfoot is the shining star of the Cryptozoology world. Is bigfoot real, you decide!

Monday, December 22, 2014

Todd Standing Moving On

In what is considered somewhat breaking news in the Bigfoot community Todd standing has announced he is leaving Bigfoot research. For anybody not familiar with Todd standing, he is a Bigfoot investigator and has claimed to have had numerous Bigfoot encounters over the years. Todd has released numerous pictures and high-definition videos of Bigfoot from various locations. There have been several high quality crystal-clear videos of actual Bigfoot’s according to Todd however the majority of people in the Bigfoot community believe it’s all a hoax.

Even though a lot of his pictures and videos of Sasquatch are very good quality something about the subject’s seemed very artificial. Many other Bigfoot researchers believe the Bigfoot’s depicted are not real and are either mechanical puppets and/or people in various disguises and makeup. Additionally various Bigfoot pictures seem to have been Photoshoped in some instances. To his credit Todd standing has always said his videos and pictures portray genuine Bigfoots.

He claims there has been no photo manipulation whatsoever with his photos and no one running around in Bigfoot suits/costumes in his videos. He says all his video footage was recorded over time in the woods by him in secret remote areas inhabited by Bigfoot which is found over the years. He also claims his mission is to prove Bigfoot is real and needs government protection as a new species.

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