I have been into the paranormal since I was a kid. I have enjoyed all kinds of topics such as the Loch Ness Monster and UFOs. However one of my favorites of all time has got to be the big guy “bigfoot”. Bigfoot is always been one of those hot topics which people completely do not believe in or are completely devoted to finding it. Not only is the topic hot blooded but so are the different character types within the Sasquatch community. The community has it all, from true believers to the individual's who are in it to make a fast buck. There are even a number of infamous individuals who are complete hoaxers and proud of it. The topic of Bigfoot is hot at the moment and everyone seems to have his or her thoughts on the subject. This blog is my take on recent Bigfoot sightings reports and alleged evidence found. Whether Bigfoot/Sasquatch is real or not really doesn’t make a difference, it’s still quite a story to ponder. From the indigenous Indians to modern times Bigfoot is the shining star of the Cryptozoology world. Is bigfoot real, you decide!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Roger Patterson Bigfoot Film

One of the subjects that Bigfoot investigators take very seriously is the Roger Patterson Bigfoot film. The Patterson–Gimlin film is virtually the Holy Grail to Bigfoot believers. Speaking badly of the film or of Roger Patterson is borderline sacrilegious to many Bigfoot researchers. Now you may think this sounds a bit over-the-top however too many researching Bigfoot is practically an obsession, borderline religious experience. Consequently the PGF remains the utmost consequential piece of evidence for Bigfoot so far. There are literally countless movies, documentaries and books written on the subject and countless debates on whether it’s real or a hoax perpetrated by Roger Patterson and his partner Robert "Bob" Gimlin.

In the grand scheme of things how important is the PGF film in terms of being proof for the existence of Bigfoot. Personally speaking I believe the film is probably much more important for Bigfoot believers then as any type of credible evidence of the existence of Bigfoot’s. Because quite frankly the majority of the general public will say it is merely a man in a monkey/gorilla suit being recorded as he walks a predetermined path. The majority of the public does not view the Patterson–Gimlin film and believe it to be some type of unknown relic hominid being recorded for the first time. However, just because the majority of the general public does not believe it’s real does not make it a hoax.

The debate will never end, the skeptics will always believe it’s a man in a monkey suit and believers will always accept it as true. The big question is if it’s ever proven as a hoax, how this will affect the belief in the existence of Bigfoot among the Bigfoot community. For the majority it will just be an immense disappointment; yes it will be a very big deal for the community however the enigma of Bigfoot will survive. In fact in the last few years there have been a growing number of Bigfoot researchers who now believe the Patterson–Gimlin film is a hoax. However having said that they continue to believe in Bigfoot and continue to search for it.

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