I have been into the paranormal since I was a kid. I have enjoyed all kinds of topics such as the Loch Ness Monster and UFOs. However one of my favorites of all time has got to be the big guy “bigfoot”. Bigfoot is always been one of those hot topics which people completely do not believe in or are completely devoted to finding it. Not only is the topic hot blooded but so are the different character types within the Sasquatch community. The community has it all, from true believers to the individual's who are in it to make a fast buck. There are even a number of infamous individuals who are complete hoaxers and proud of it. The topic of Bigfoot is hot at the moment and everyone seems to have his or her thoughts on the subject. This blog is my take on recent Bigfoot sightings reports and alleged evidence found. Whether Bigfoot/Sasquatch is real or not really doesn’t make a difference, it’s still quite a story to ponder. From the indigenous Indians to modern times Bigfoot is the shining star of the Cryptozoology world. Is bigfoot real, you decide!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Bigfoot And The Paranormal

Most serious Bigfoot researchers/investigators believe Bigfoot is a flesh and blood living animal. Most also believe that Bigfoot is some type of relic hominid. However you also have a group of investigators who suspect Bigfoot/Sasquatch is some type of paranormal entity. Funny enough most serious researchers will laugh this off claiming there is no such thing as a paranormal Bigfoot while mainstream science dismisses the whole subject completely. Personally I believe if you going to be open-minded enough to believe in Sasquatch you might as well leave some possibility open for the paranormal as well.

The problem stems from all the elusive qualities of a Bigfoot and its alleged capabilities. At this point in time Bigfoot has been said to be able to perform a variety of borderline supernatural abilities. Just the mere fact that a Bigfoot hasn’t been officially caught yet is outstanding if the creature in fact lives among us today. However according to one theory which is prevalent for a small fraction of UFO investigators is that Bigfoot is related to alien beings and UFOs in some manner. The basic idea is that aliens use Bigfoot for some reason and Bigfoot can get on board and off board when needed on some type of Unidentified Flying Objects. There are numerous reports of Bigfoot’s been observed in the same general area after a UFO has been spotted.

Getting back to Bigfoot’s abilities and the paranormal, the things that Bigfoot are able to do seems to escalate year by year. Some of the more common paranormal like abilities is the ability to cloak itself at will. There are investigators who believe Bigfoot can cloak itself in a very similar manner as the alien did in the movie predator. There are researchers who believe Bigfoot can communicate telepathically and even make you do things against your will psychically. As I stated before there is a small group of people who believe Bigfoot has some type of direct relationship with alien beings. Quite frankly I can go on and on and on but these are some of the more prevalent alleged supernatural abilities of Bigfoot.

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